February 22, 2019 | Saige Hartman
When we shop for Boise homes for sale, we’re able to take quite a lot for granted. If we choose to be represented by a licensed Idaho Realtor® to act as our buyer’s agent, we know that our interests are being looked after in a multiplicity of ways—th

February 20, 2019 | Saige Hartman
Overall, the U.S. residential market has behaved itself predictably for a couple of years. As a result, there’s been little chance for commentators to point out any new phenomena that might affect our own Boise listings

February 15, 2019 | Saige Hartman
On Friday, the Wall Street Journal’s “Homes” section led with a splashy layout about media rooms.

February 12, 2019 | Saige Hartman
If you are among the local homeowners counting the days until Boise’s hot selling season begins, unless your house is already in perfect showing shape, you might be pondering which—if any—possible remodeling projects would be wise to take on before y

February 8, 2019 | Saige Hartman
The topic of preventive maintenance seems particularly timely, given last week’s record-breaking polar vortex and the many tales of household plumbing disasters it spawned.


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