January 27, 2020 | Blair Schwisow
But if the National Association of Realtors®’ latest research is on target, that notion may be passé. For the buyers, at least, the wait is over. For them, spring is already here!

January 20, 2020 | Blair Schwisow
After all, Walmart is most famous for “everyday low prices” (advertising code for ‘cheap!’). That’s quite a contrast with your house—the most costly purchase most people ever make.

January 9, 2020 | Blair Schwisow
If your Boise house has a working fireplace, but you’re less than adept at the fine points of dealing with it, there are a few basics that veteran fire builders observe without fail.

January 2, 2020 | Blair Schwisow
Overall, with demand exceeding supply and first-time buyers newly becoming “a very significant component” of the market, U.S. home values should rise.

January 30, 2019 | Saige Hartman
When you decide to sell your home for the maximum return, it’s important that you recognize all of its selling points: both the positive and negative.


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