August 20, 2020 at 10:45am | Blair Schwisow
In the days before COVID-19, had you asked most people how a pandemic might affect the homebuying  public in Boise, a fair majority would probably have replied something along the lines of "Well- it probably wouldn't be good."

We now know that they would have been wrong (at least, initially).

Nationwide, most areas are experiencing an onrush of newly motivated buyers - many of them seeking to adjust to today's changing needs. In a recent article in Barron's,  the CEO of a leading national homebuilder, Sheryl Palmer, described motivations of many newly energized homebuyers: "What I have to do working from home has just changed, and I can't retro my house.'" 

Simultaneously, at the same time that this increased buyer demand would normally coax homeowners into the market, many would-be sellers are hesitant to list their home, because- well - pandemic! This in the face of interest rates, which, holding near all-time lows, translate into more affordable monthly mortgage payments and higher asking prices!

With the increase in demand and stubbornly low inventory, it's hard to argue there could be a better time to sell. So, although much remains to be seen about the course of the virus and the short-term effects of the on-again, off-again economy, residential sales are happening - homebuyers in Boise are buying.

If you have been considering selling, pandemic or no, there's little reason to suspect that tomorrow's market will be more favorable than today's. Call ,e - let's come up with a strategy that works for you!


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