June 22, 2020 at 10:20am | Blair Schwisow
One consequence of the pandemic was the on-again/off-again nature of this year’s Boise real estate
busy season. The restrictions resulted in what you’d expect: pent-up demand. The promise of loosening
restrictions is widely expected to bolster the number of “For Sale” signs that we’ll soon be seeing—in any
case, we should know before long.

For house hunters who will be looking to land their first starter home, most are prepared to be
satisfied with a property that falls short of a “dream home” designation. That’s to be expected: since
homeownership is by far the most important component for building family wealth, it’s encouraging to
watch how the equity being built from a first home is fueling the progression into the next, superior one.
Patience is a necessary ingredient—but being able to enjoy the process (even including the time spent
living in a not-quite-dream home) doesn’t hurt, either.

A 2019 survey found that 63% of buyers were “very satisfied” with the result—yet if there is one
common sentiment voiced by less-satisfied home buyers, it is that they wish they had done a more
comprehensive job of house hunting. Those who are confident that their purchase was the best available
within their budget range tend to be satisfied with the purchase. But if they have a sneaking suspicion that
if only we hadn’t pulled the trigger so quickly...well—that’s the recipe for “disgruntled.”

If this topsy-turvy year has delayed your own house hunting venture, the signals are out that now is
the time to consider taking one up in earnest. I hope you will call to discuss how we are satisfying the
safety measures (we’re 100% dedicated to observing them all) while connecting our clients with the kind
of home they hope to find!



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