May 18, 2020 at 12:00pm | Blair Schwisow
Like many other local professional people, we Boise Realtors® have been working in a challenging
(you might say, “topsy-turvy”) business environment. It’s one that nobody had foreseen—much less
prepared for. It has taken multiple adjustments to navigate through some awkward restrictions, but since
the need for shelter can’t always be put on hold, they were necessary. As in many localities across the
country, even while honoring the most stringent Shelter in Place restrictions, highly motivated buyers and
sellers have been able to work with their agents to negotiate and finalize transactions.

But now the path ahead is somewhat more predictable. It’s becoming evident that we are nearing a
new phase—one where we will cautiously back into what everyone is calling the ‘new normal.’ It’s likely
that the anxiety that has prevailed will fade, then disappear. Social distancing will at least moderate, as
well. Not this summer, perhaps—but eventually. That opens an opportunity at this juncture. This is a
moment when Boise residents might think ahead about how they can best prepare for what happens next.

Especially for those who have had to put off plans to buy or sell Boise homes, this can be a time to
sit down and draw up an “As Soon as This Passes” plan. For sellers, that could include a target timetable
for preparing your property for listing; for buyers, a prioritized checklist of features to qualify the homes
that will deserve further consideration. Sellers-to-be can take this opportunity to contact area tradespeople
—whose phones will be ringing off the hook soon enough—to schedule any help they will need to
prepare their properties for sale. For one and all, the probable reality is that “as soon as this passes,” any
surplus stay-at-home free time will pass with it!

One item that belongs high on an ASATP list is to give me a call for the latest intelligence on the
profile of today’s Boise market. Do give me a ring!



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