April 23, 2020 at 10:00am | Blair Schwisow
The “closet space” factor is something most Boise house hunters think about—but it's not one that is
likely to determine the final choice. Yet, as the whole country adjusts to the changes in lifestyle needed to
address the health emergency, the “closet space” factor may become more important. As people find
themselves spending a lot more time indoors, the value of ample closets—and storage space in general
—is apt to become apparent.

The basic truism is that when we’re compelled to spend extra hours indoors, having ample personal
elbow room—sufficient uncluttered, open space—yields noticeable psychological benefits. Anyone who
doubts that need only count the times they’ve found themselves muttering things like “stir crazy” and
“cabin fever.”

You may not be able to expand your home’s actual square footage, but thoughtfully organizing its
existing closet and shelf space is eminently doable. Previously, if there has never seemed to be enough
time to adequately address the issue, newly mandated stay-at-home hours should provide an abundant fix
for that!

As we in real estate are so fond of repeating, it’s a matter of reducing the (here’s that word again)
clutter. The web is packed with sites that offer ideas for making the most of your Boise house’s existing
closet and shelf space—as well as tips for what to do with all the stuff you no longer need.

Needless to say, if your downstream plans include putting your own Boise house on the market,
demonstrating the adequacy of its available storage space (plus clearing away the clutter) will put you
ahead of the game when it’s time to sell. Meanwhile, I’ll be here to answer any and all Boise real estate
questions. Don’t hesitate to call!



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