April 09, 2020 at 11:00am | Blair Schwisow
One way to think of various ways that house-hunters approach their search is by how the project has
been initiated. If you are already house-hunting in Boise, you’ll recognize which of the two house-hunting
approaches yours fall into. The one that’s most common is the Gradual Getting Serious method. The
second is more Structured.

GGS usually prevails because most changes in residence result from a series of evolving changes in
circumstances. A family’s shelter requirements expand with the arrival of a Bundle of Joy—just as they
scale down when the kids set out into the world. Income streams may expand or contract as careers
change—and physical needs may shift with the passage of time.

It may take a while for Mom and Dad to admit that the familiar homestead has become a less than
ideal fit—but its drawbacks may gradually become harder to ignore. Sooner or later, family members find
themselves paying more attention to “For Sale” signs that appear. They find themselves spending more
online time musing over the online Boise listings.

Gradually, they get serious—and as they weigh the relative attractions of the properties that might
just be worth taking a look at, a ‘must-have’ list of features (Boise neighborhood, number of bedrooms,
yard size, desired layout, etc.) that fall within the available budget becomes apparent.

The Structured approach is more likely to be triggered when a sudden, usually unplanned change
in circumstances prompts the change. When the time factor can’t be ignored, a ‘must-have’ list has to be
drawn up, pronto: the same kind of must-have’s that fall within the available budget. They form the basis
for the showings list of properties to be toured.

No matter which way your own Boise house-hunt has come about, enlisting the help of a
knowledgeable Boise real estate professional is the way to ensure you don’t miss being introduced to all
the available properties that qualify for your attention. Call me anytime!



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