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by Kristin Louis

Boise may be a family-friendly city, but when it comes to selling your home, the last thing you want is for your kids' stuff to be on full display. A clean, clutter-free space is jut as important for family homes as it is for high-end units, and sellers who fail to live up to buyers' expectations will have a harder time getting list price for their home.

To help Boise parents sell their homes even when rambunctious kids, are trying to undo all their hard work, we've put together this guide to keeping your house show-ready with kids at home.

Spend Time Now to Save Time Later
If you want to avoid stress while your house is on the market, you need to prepare before your listing goes live. These steps will minimize messes and help keep your house organized while it's for sale.
  • Look at other listings. Researching other homes for sale is the best way to see what to aim for in your own home. Look a listings in your price range to see how sellers have staged their properties. This is also a great way to get a feel for your home's market value. 
  • Deep clean. While it's possible to clean a house top-to-bottom yourself, many sellers find that a professional cleaning service is well worth the money.
  • Repaint and redecorate. It's fun to paint kids' bedrooms and play areas bright colors, but loud paint colors hurt your home's resale value. Glidden recommends repainting in neutral hues. From there, swap character bedding and decor with more understated designs. 
  • Downsize kids' toys. There's no reason to erase all evidence you have kids - in fact, showcasing your home's kid-friendly features can be a great way to appeal to family buyers. However, you don't want to be in a constant battle with your kids' toys, so pack up anything they won't miss and put it in storage until after your move.
Manage Last-Minute Showings Like a Pro
Idaho Business Review notes Boise is home to a hot housing market, which means last-minute showings can be expected. To avoid stressful scrambles to get out the door, you need a game plan. 
  • Have a go-bag ready. Keep a bag with snacks, toys, and baby essentials by the front door so you have everything you need  ready to go. If you have babies and toddlers, stash spare shoes, coats, and clothing in the car too.
  • Clean up quickly. Spending 10-minutes wiping down surfaces, cleaning the floors, and opening curtains makes a big impact on your home's appeal. Invest in convenient tools like disinfecting wipes and a lightweight stick vacuum that lets you accomplish more in less time.
  • Hide, don't organize. Last-minute showings aren't the time to worry about everything being in its place. Use lidded baskets and chests to hide toys, laundry, and other clutter so you can get out the door quickly.
Ask for Help
Sometimes, maintaining a spotless house, parenting your kids, and tackling everything else on your to-do list is simply too much to manage alone. So don't!
  • Get kids out of the house. Can your school-age children go home with a friend a few days per week or can your babysitter pick up a morning shift to help with the kids? an extra set of hands is just the thing to make selling with kids manageable.
  • Hire a cleaning service. If you're struggling to keep your house-show ready, call in reinforcements. A local cleaning service can handle the big stuff so you just have to focus on tidying.
  • Consult with a professional home stager. Are you stumped on how to transform your kid-friendly house into a model home? It may be worth consulting with a staging professional. A home stager can make the most of what you have or rent furniture and decor.
When selling a house with a busy family, resources and creativity are the keys. If you're ever unsure of the best way to make your family home appeal to Boise buyers, the absolute best thing you can do is talk to your real estate agent. Your agent has helped tons of families like yours sell their homes, making them the best source for tips on keeping your home show-ready without pulling your hair out!

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