January 27, 2020 at 12:30pm | Blair Schwisow
January has often been a month when Boise homeowners decide to get serious about projects
they’ve put on hold during the past year. It’s only logical: most of us tend to regard the annual calendar
changeover as a kind of mental departure point. “Out with the old! In with the new!” is more than just a
greeting card motto: January has long been a month for committing to major initiatives.

Deciding to sell your Boise home can be such a project—and when you combine that January
milestone idea with the popular acceptance of spring as the key home-selling season, you might think that
right now—in mid-January—is the ideal time to begin preparations. In the past, that was often the case.
But if the National Association of Realtors®’ latest research is on target, that notion may be passé. For the
buyers, at least, the wait is over. For them, spring is already here!

Research shows that most people think that April is when home buyers start home searches in
earnest, but the latest statistics from 2019 show that February was the leader. It racked up the most
monthly views per listing. And January was only 1% behind February. In other words, as far as serious
homebuyers are concerned, this year’s Boise homebuying push may already be underway!

The NAR believes that it’s the more competitive housing market that was responsible for the shift to
an earlier start last year—and they have reason to believe that trend will continue this year. Their
economists speculate that low inventories and rising prices caused searchers to begin their house-hunting
early last year. That is only an informed guess, but the practical advice for both Boise home sellers and
buyers who have been thinking about selling this spring is clear from the NAR’s final summary: “the
earlier you get started, the better.”

The ‘get started’ part is simple—especially if January is your “in with the new” time of year. Just
give me a call!



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