July 24, 2019 at 12:56pm | Blair Schwisow
Every now and then we have to shake our heads at how much the electronic transformation has
changed daily living in Boise. Electronics have invaded practically everything—from home wifi to ultra
hi-def TV to cell phones that double as search engines.

As you read this, you’re only a couple of clicks away from being able to summon up all the current
Boise homes for sale that fit your chosen criteria. Want to check out 3-bedroom single family residences
currently listed for $400,000 or less? Click click: here they are—complete with pictures (and perhaps a
video tour). It’s a revolution that’s still ongoing, too—one bound to produce surprises we haven’t even

Yet, despite the sweeping changes in Boise real estate marketing, there is one old standby whose
power and utility hasn’t changed one whit. It is master of the real (nonvirtual) realm.
The two words in point are “For Sale”—specifically when they appear on one of my eye-catching
front yard signs. Their power is undeniable; proven time and time again. As soon as a ‘for sale’ sign
appears in a front yard, the secret is out! Everybody in the neighborhood quickly notes the nearby
property that’s suddenly available. If family or friends have been thinking of moving closer, it’s a
possible solution. If a neighbor has been looking for more room (or thinking of downsizing), likewise.
Prospects who have been eyeing the area will write down my phone number and give me a call. Even
casual passersby who hadn’t been entertaining the idea of buying a home may suddenly find themselves
mulling the possibility: “I hadn’t been thinking of a change, but I saw your sign over on _______, and we
were wondering how much they’re asking...”

The truth is, the good old-fashioned ‘For Sale’ sign still packs a wallop—possibly because it sticks
out so startlingly on an otherwise unchanging residential street. It’s an unexpected direct communication.
And whether or not prospective buyers have even been thinking of themselves in that category, everyone
gets the message: what if that place could be mine?

If you will be listing your own home anytime soon, I hope you’ll call!



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