June 21, 2019 at 11:31am | Blair Schwisow
If this June will find you looking for a home to call your own, you won’t be alone—it’s prime
season for Boise house-hunting. In case it’s been a while since your last go-round (or if this will be your
first), it’s relevant to review some of the basics. That includes one of the most basic basics: if and/or when
to enlist the services of one of Boise’s buyer’s agents.

You might think that, with home prices having risen steadily for some time, prospective Boise home
buyers might prefer to go it alone as a cost-cutting maneuver. After all, the homes for sale are all right
there online, aren’t they?

But that’s not the people’s choice. The latest (2018) statistics tell us that 87% of those who bought a
home did so through a real estate agent or broker. The cost factor winds up tilting in the agent’s favor
because, except in extremely rare cases, buyers do not pay a commission at all! It’s part of the Multiple
Listing Service agreement that mandates fees and commissions be paid from the seller's proceeds.

For what amounts to a free service, house-hunters who work with a buyer’s agent gain the
professional insights of a licensed veteran in the Boise market. Signing up with a buyer’s agent legally
obligates the agent to work toward getting the client the best deal possible. When buyers go it alone,
relying on the homeowner’s agent to handle the details, they are entrusting an agent who is obligated to
work for the best interests of the other party—hardly an ideal situation.

Once you are represented by a buyer’s agent, you are immediately relieved of the tricky business of
discussing financial matters with a seller or the seller’s agent. That’s not just the professional way to
proceed—it’s also the likeliest path to getting the home you want on the terms you want.

Finding an experienced Boise buyer’s agent–one you feel comfortable working with– is well worth
the effort. But it doesn’t have to take much of that, either: just give me a call!



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