January 20, 2020 at 2:00pm | Blair Schwisow
It’s fair to say that Walmart—the iconic American superstore—isn’t the first place most Boise area
home sellers are likely to think of when it comes to staging their property. After all, Walmart is most
famous for “everyday low prices” (advertising code for ‘cheap!’). That’s quite a contrast with your house
—the most costly purchase most people ever make.

So it was something of a head-turner when realtor.com, web home of the National Association of
Realtors®, published an informative piece under the heading, “5 Home Staging Essentials You Can Find
at Walmart.” Especially when you think about staging million-dollar Boise estates, the Walmart
connection seems like a stretch—much less a “home staging essential.”

That headline does make for some irresistible reading, though—and although Boise staging
professionals might debate some of the “essentials,” the list is worth quoting:

  • Fluffy white hand towels. No argument—as long as the fluffiness is (as described) “soft.”
  • Round accent mirrors. They can be “a stylish accent” as described—but that depends on the quality of the frame.
  • Fake green plants. Not a bad idea for corners where the real thing wouldn’t thrive.
  • Flameless candles. In many settings, this could be debatable. Because they attract attention, such “safe LED candles” risk unnecessarily communicating “fake” more tellingly than do the tasteful vase-borne artificial plants of the previous item.
  • Colorful pillows. Splashes of color are professional staging standbys—and these attractively designed examples are, in fact, Walmart items.
In fact, Boise home sellers with their own design sense can draw from any number of sources
—from Walmart to Bergdorf Goodman. The touches they come up with don’t have to be budget-bruisers
—especially when they will be accenting a quality property.

I’m here to spread the word when your own Boise home goes up for sale—I hope you’ll call!



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