December 23, 2019 at 11:56am | Blair Schwisow
When most people set about finding their next home, their attention is occupied by how well the
listed properties fulfill the family’s immediate housing needs. These include not only the state of the
physical structure, but everything else—including well-nigh unclassifiable elements like style and taste
and just how the place feels.

But there is at least an arguable school of thought that all of those elements can wait. This opinion
has it that the house itself is the cart, and putting it “before the horse” is sometimes a mistake. In their
view, this particular “horse” is the Boise neighborhood in which the house is located. Regardless of just
where the neighborhood should fit into the overall picture, some elements do belong high on the list:

SECURITY. Web listing crime rate statistics tell a story about safety. They can be unexpected based
on proximity to high traffic areas, commercial developments, or public facilities. You might compare the
statistics with those for your current neighborhood to get a better idea of what they represent.
FINANCIAL. Daily expenses in different parts of Boise may be greatly affected by such things as
proximity to reasonably-priced grocery stores, simple highway access, etc. A ten-minute driving
difference that seems insignificant when house-hunting can add considerably to transportation expenses
over the years.
COL. Similarly, easy neighborhood access to Cost of Living markers like healthcare providers and
utility services can make a practical difference in keeping monthly budget numbers down. Recreation can
be expensive or free, depending on nearby public facilities.
THE OTHER STUFF. A bustling Boise neighborhood may be right for you, or a quieter, more
secluded one—aspects that can vary from one street to the next. If seclusion and privacy appeal to you,
opting for the perfect house on a busy street corner could well be a wrong call!

I’m here to help define the factors that point us in the right direction for finding the right Boise
house at the right price—ideally, in the perfect neighborhood for your family. Call me!



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