November 06, 2019 at 12:48pm | Blair Schwisow
For area home sellers, our Boise listings are their leading gateway to the homebuying public. In
truth, judging from the amount of traffic the Boise MLS gets every day, it's more like a super-highway
than a gateway. Like the ‘For Sale’ sign out front and the print ads that attract local buyers, the web
listing is only part of the initial outreach. It’s a vital step, for sure—but still only one piece of the selling

One succeeding step that sometimes fails to get enough attention comes later in the campaign—after buyers have toured the property. Whether prospects appeared as Open House drop-ins or as guests in by-
appointment showings, this is a follow-up action that can sometimes make a decisive difference. In sales theory, it’s referred to as “closing the feedback loop.” It doesn’t guarantee that every prospective buyer will make an offer, but it does provide information that can be used to sharpen the listing’s appeal or improve subsequent showings.

This follow-up step is simply the collection of feedback in an organized and systematic fashion.
Rather than the traditional single end-of-showing question like, “how did you like the house?”—probing
deeper through a series of identical questions accomplishes two objectives:
  • Provides current, real-time consumer reactions. Asking what did you like/dislike most about the house? and how does the asking price stack up against other homes you’ve looked at? can provide uncompromisingly realistic market information. If the collected answers turn out to be a mish-mosh of widely varied opinions, that’s one thing. But if the majority sound similar themes, the information will be invaluable.
  • Can facilitate more nimble offering adjustment. If the feedback is unanimous, whether positive or not, the marketing message or the features at point can be more quickly attended to. There’s no debate that shortening any Boise listing’s “days on market” number is a valuable goal—one well worth pursuing.
Part of what you can count on is the wealth of Boise experience that comes with the service I offer.
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