January 22, 2018 | Saige Hartman
If a National Association of Realtors® expert is to be taken literally, there is one unlikely factor that could lessen the stress level associated with selling your Boise Idaho house.
Just have some kids around.
That may not sound logical—but weirdly enough, it really could make sense. The expert whose thoughts spawn this deduction is the home improvement specialist writing for the NAR’s magazine. Last week, Stephanie Booth observed that sometimes “raising kids actually makes your house cleaner” (Ms. Booth’s italics). I have to agree.
If you have small kids, you’re already thoroughly familiar with the accompanying housekeeping side effects. Ms. Booth recalls her own memories—like the sound of “the slow wheezing death of a vacuum cleaner” after ingesting one too many lego blocks, or the omnipresence of the crumbs, smears, and smudges that need corralling at regular intervals. But those facts of parental life give truth to some other logical consequences:
  • Nothing grosses you out anymore
  • You dare not stop vacuuming
  • You stay organized because you must
  • You’ve read every cleaning hack on the web  
Since one of the requirements for the speedy selling of your Boise Idaho house involves presenting house hunters with a spick-and-span interior, having dealt with kids’ messes on a daily (or hourly, depending on their ages) basis can put you at the head of the pack. Since “staying organized becomes a survival skill,” as the author points out, you are forced to “become a pro at speed-cleaning.” And that’s a skill that owners who don’t have kids at home (or who have forgotten what it was like) would have trouble matching.
All kidding aside, when you enlist me to help with selling your own Boise Idaho house, we’ll sit down to agree on an advance warning timetable—one that ensures that even if you don’t have the “advantage” of having small kids to keep you at the top of your speed-cleaning game, you’ll have ample time to prepare for showings with a minimum of stress. Experience confirms that after we have created a smoothly running system for managing showings, good results are bound to follow.
To discuss other ways to get ahead of the curve for selling your Boise Idaho house, give me a call!      


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