December 14, 2017 | Saige Hartman
Becoming a successful real estate agent is not easy.  With over 100 moving parts and items to complete in each transaction, it’s no wonder agents have a hard time juggling everything on their own.  That is the same problem we ran into and the main reason we started this team.  We are not your standard real estate team, looking for people to work ina call center environment and cold call prospects every day.  We are more like a family of people that first and foremost, share the same core values yet all offer different strengths.  To be able to come together and allow everyone to work in their natural strengths and create a positive, fun environment of support and value to our agents is what we are here for. Real Estate School doesn’t teach you how to sell houses or run a successful and profitable business.  Being able to learn from a mentor who has been successful in our local market is the best way to be able to build your own successful business.  For new agents or seasoned agents alike, there are many benefits to being part of the right real estate team.  Some of these advantages include:
  • A great real estate team will also provide training and private coaching.  We have a team meeting every week with training sessions and hold individual meetings every day to increase the team’s performance.  Our training sessions discuss lead sources, how to talk to clients, how to talk to new leads, what you can and can’t say, how to prospect, how to work with investors and much more.
  • We have an executive assistant who handles almost all of the paperwork and transaction coordination.  We teach our agents how to handle writing contracts, effective negotiation tactics and the entire process through closing, but our executive assistant can handle most of the paperwork and free up your time to be out with new clients.
  • We teach our agents how to build an effective database.  Almost 90% of our business last year came from repeat and referral clients and we teach our agents how to create the same database in order to build a long-term business that is sustainable through any market.
  • We already have proven marketing programs in place, free of charge to our agents, including Client Appreciation parties, closing gifts and referral gifts for your clients, free of charge to you.
  • Several offices to work from in the Treasure Valley
If you have ever considered joining a team , or would like to arrange a confidential meeting to hear more about why our team is different, give us a call or email us anytime.  While the market is slowing down and before the new year approaches, now is really the best time to make a change in your business and set yourself up for the best 2018 possible.  We are not the high pressuresalesy type, it has the be the right fit for all of us, but would love the opportunity to share with you how our team is different. 


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