December 6, 2017 | Nick Smith
If you are a well-organized prospective Boise Idaho house buyer, you have been weighing many factors as you prepare to start serious house hunting. One of the factors to consider is seasonal: that is, which of the five seasons is most favorable for buying a house?
It’s a fact that the most heavily favored among the seasonal choices is the traditional “peak selling season,” Spring-into-summer is the traditional busiest period for Boise Idaho residential activity—and logic dictates that there must be persuasive reasons why so many Boise Idaho house buyers opt to make their offers then. But persuasive counter-arguments also abound—both for selling and buying a house. Briefly, here are the most common leading reasons for choosing one season over another for buying a house:
Winter: least competition with fellow buyers, hence fewer prospects for a bidding war
Spring: traditional popularity brings the widest selection of new listings
Summer: most convenient time for travel and concentrated house hunting
Fall: most motivated sellers: highest volume of new asking price reductions
There they are—each of the seasons along with frequently cited reasons why they tend to foster the best buying opportunities. Since you have probably noted that I promised to discuss five rather than just four seasons, here’s that extra one (it’s my choice):
Your season: that is, the season when your financial preparations are complete, your professional and family schedules coincide to allow ample house hunting time, and it also feels like the time is right to get going to find your new Boise Idaho house.
This fifth season is the one that holds the greatest prospects for buying the Boise Idaho house you’ll be excited to call your own. The calendar provides good alternative reasons for choosing any of the traditional seasons, yet the perfect “house of your dreams” might crop up or disappear in any one of them. Your season will always be the best time to get serious about house hunting—and with any luck, that’s when you’ll land a terrific home.
P.S. That’s also the season when I’ll be standing by to supply maximum effort for the enterprise!


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