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Kenny grew up on the small island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts into a family of teachers and coaches. Kenny has a passion for playing sports, so if you know of a good pickup basketball game going on let him know.

His adventurous spirit led him to take the unconventional route of joining the Navy after high school in hopes of becoming a Navy SEAL. Maybe because he was young and ambitious, or as he likes to put it "too dumb to quit", he successfully made it through SEAL Training (BUD/s) and spent the next 4 years at SEAL Team Ten in Little Creek, Virginia. Being a softy at heart, Kenny volunteered to be the platoon medic and go to Combat Medic School so that he could make sure his teammates were in good hands on the battlefield. Kenny and his team deployed to Afghanistan in 2013.

Now that jumping out of airplanes and blowing things up is out of his system, Kenny is now a family man. He moved to the Boise area in 2015 with his young family. He immediately fell in love with the community and has enjoyed helping Idahoans (and newcomers) buy homes for their families.


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